Pusula Reklamevi

Notes may be run out, creativity never does.

Meet YRP.

Do you think every word that must be said was said, every message that must be given was given, every strategy was made up? We are introducing Pusula Reklamevi to you. To us, there are 8 notes in music:


C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C…

And things you could make with eight notes never ever wouldn’t run out through the ninth note.

The notes of creativity are strategy, idea, design and presentation. We’d adapt your brand and company’s steps to the tempo of the world with the music we’ll compose by using these notes. Occasionally, we’d create a “remix” for you. A Pusula composition with its energic melody that sets in motion your rooted traditions and successful message.

While you are conducting your success as the maestro of your brand, we’d provide to be played notes right and instruments in time, turned over the pages one by one and everbody to be charmed with your piece of art. So, advertising is a kind of magic, isn’t it?

Our strategic planning departmant is a kind of notebook; it analyses world’s popular and most-listened music in those days. Creative department produces ideas for your composition and provides the perfection for your brand and communication strategy. Our media department tells where we’ll take the stage and when. And our customer relations department is a baton leads your compose. The real assistant who provides to lead your composition.

Even if the eyes of the world are dazzled, we would keep on working. To make your brand an irrevocable “classic” on your listeners’ and consumers’ mind.

According to us, there is only one way to success: Every steps’ being a success. The some notes of a concerto or composition wouldn’t be choosen well. The every note played must be flawless and in time. Our aim is to obtain the rhythmic synergy of these notes.


And when your brand becomes chart-topper, we’d like to remind ourselves this: People hear countless melodies. But they listen too little of them. And they learn by heart only less of them and never forget.


YRP (Yeni Reklam Pusulası/New Advertisement Compass) is the name of producing unforgettable communication strategies and advertisement solutions.


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